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Journalists have called freedom of the press freedom, namely the freedom to seek, acquire, disseminate ideas and information. UU no. 40 of 1999 on the press mentions, Freedom of the press is guaranteed as rights of citizens., Even the national press is not subject to censorship, banning broadcasting (article 4, paragraph 1). Parties who tried to prevent freedom of the press can be subjected to acts of imprisonment up to 2 (two) years or a fine of Rp. 500 jt (Article 18, paragraph 1). Nonetheless freedom here is limited to the obligation to respect the norms - norms of religion and a sense of public decency and innocent preduga principle (Article 5, paragraph 1).

B. Code of Ethics of Journalism.

Journalistic ethics (KEJ) are rules regarding conduct and moral considerations that must be adopted and adhered to by the press in the broadcast media. Journalistic Code of Ethics was first issued by the PWI (Indonesian Journalists Association). At first, the code of ethics requires moral responsibility of those who work in a profession, in this case is a journalist. Code of Conduct issued by the association or professional associations and apply restricted to members of the professional associations. Sanctions and penalties for violations of the code of conduct set by the organization. Toughest sanctions usually dismissed from membership.

However, the code of ethics of journalism also has some advantages for journalists, the first is the presence of the journalistic code of ethics, professionalism can help build understanding for those who work in the news organization or association member news, and for journalists in general. Secondly, adherence to the code of ethics will create credibility in the eyes of readers and viewers, so that the public will believe what is written, seen, and heard. The latter code of ethics also provide a uniform size to overcome the problems in gathering news. Code of Conduct is intended to address the problems that may be caused by a journalist who probably less training and the values ​​it carries different.


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