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press press stipulated in Craigslist  Law No. Tahn 40, 1999. It is a new press law, contains a variety of fundamental changes in the press system or earlier press system. it is intended to function optimally afgar press as mandated by Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution of the maximum functions necessary for the freedom of the press is a manifestation kedaulata people and is a very important element in the life bermasyaralkat, nation and state laws long demokratis.Pencabutan and the substitution of the new premises is essentially a reflection of the difference in value - the value of ideological political basis of the new order of the order of reform. this is evident in konsideransi law - a new press law. In konsideransi, among others, stated that the law - law on press conditions long considered incompatible with perkembanngan times.

The birth of a new press law MNO. 40 1999 is based on the consideration that the Law No.11 of 1966 on the basic provisions of the press as amended again by Law Nu. 04 of 1967 and amended again by Act No. 21 Year 1982. Considered are not in accordance with the times. In the field of moral philosophy, namely the press regarding the obligation - the obligation of the press, good and bad ers, press the right, and press that govern the behavior of the press in the call press ethics. In other words, the ethics of the press to talk about what should be done - people who are involved in activities pera. Sources press ethics are moral consciousness, ie the knowledge of good and bad, right and wrong, appropriate or not for the people involved in the activities of the press. Visit safelink.com  

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