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 violations committed by the journalists EEbtaccount.jpmorgan.com  who violate the code of ethics of Journalism.

Here is one example of violations of the code of ethics of journalists that have occurred;

1. Detik.com Breaking the Press Law and the Code of Ethics of Journalism.

Referring to Law No. 40 of 1999 tengang press, then detik.com is a social institution and a vehicle for conducting mass communication journalism covering seek, obtain, possess, store, process, and convey information in the form of text, sounds, images, sound and images, as well as data and graphs as well as in other forms using print media, electronic media, and all available channels or called Pers.Sebagai Press detik.com course under the auspices of the Press Law and detik.com and other news agencies should, too, abide by and kententuan obey the provisions set forth in the Act. Unfortunately it turns out detik.com not implement such provision is good and right.

In the column section in detik.com the words "Islam, sekulerime and Indonesia" where in the article has been assessing other religions and implicitly has sass. In terms of the Press Law has clearly stipulated that the press is obliged to uphold human rights and Diversity regulated in Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Press Law, which reads "The national press is obliged to proclaim the events and opinions with respect religious norms and a sense of public decency and the principle of presumption of guilty ". In addition detik.com also have violated the provisions of Article 6 of the Press Law, which has a role as detik.com Press; a.memenuhi public's right to know.

b. uphold the basic values ​​of democracy, promote the establishment of the rule of law, and human rights, and respect diversity; c. develop public opinion based on the right information

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